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The Eliot Project

Our Story

The Elliot Project was founded in 2020 following Elliot Hennell's tragic passing.

Elliot, a former Grenadier Guard, had a lifelong ambition to serve in the army. Despite his military achievements, he battled with mental health issues, ultimately leading to his untimely death.

In response, his family and friends established The Elliot Project, offering free mental health awareness, personalised support, and first aid training across the UK through Mental Health First Aid England.

Their goal is to educate the wider community and provide them with the tools required to help those struggling in a mental health crisis.

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Meet The Team

Meet the core team members who work together to run The Elliot Project!

  • Alex

    Founder and Chair of The Elliot Project

    Alex is a passionate advocate for mental health, serving as a Mental Health First Aider and soon-to-be instructor, dedicated to supporting those affected by mental ill-health.

  • Abi

    Founder and Trustee of The Elliot Project

    Abi is committed to changing the mental health stigma while studying Psychology. She is also a Mental Health First Aider.

  • Shirley

    Trustee of The Elliot Project

    Shirley aims to educate and support others in mental health crises following the loss of her son, Elliot. Her focus also includes combating PTSD stigma among veterans.

  • Lucy

    Trustee of The Elliot Project and Mental Health First Aider

    Lucy uses her early years industry expertise to assist children and parents in mental health matters, emphasizing education and support.

  • Harley

    Trustee of The Elliot Project and Mental Health First Aider

    As the youngest Trustee and a Mental Health First Aider at The Elliot Project, Harley strives to address the mental health needs of her peers by improving access to resources and support for young people.

  • Jodie

    Mental Health First Aider

    Jodie focuses on enhancing mental health support within workplaces and is a vital part of The Elliot Project’s efforts to eradicate stigma and promote training.


Take a look at the figures to date and see all the great work that The Elliot Project has managed to achieve from all of the donations we have received.


Mental Health First Aiders


One-To-One Sessions

How To Get Involved

As a small charity, The Elliot Project relies on fundraisers and donations to be able to offer mental health first aid training, mental health awareness training and one-to-one support sessions.

From sponsored runs, to cake sales and everything in between, we need you to get involved.

No idea is too big for us, so please do get in touch if you have any fundraising ideas or if you wish to take part in any fundraising activities.

How to get involved

Upcoming Events

Take a look at our upcoming events for the year, and follow us on our socials for more information and to get involved.

20th July

Summer Ball

Hosted by Harley McCarthy in aid of the Elliot Project. Held at The Exhibit Balham.

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